Your personal butler Jim has a clear mission.

What does your butler Jim do?

FinJim is a mobile application which allows you to create a digital library of all your (financial) contracts & documents.

By using FinJim you will get the opportunity to get your contracts reviewed periodically, so you can profit for a lifetime from the best premium conditions.

Why use FinJim?

Your loved ones often are (deliberately) unaware of all the current contracts and this on the least opportune moment.

That’s why, as a user of FinJim, you can give emergency access to your loved ones using your profiles, they’ll receive an information email, which gives a peace of mind of their peace of mind during difficult times.

How to use FinJim in an emergency?

Your loved one needs to send in a medical certificate or a death certificate together with its identity card to help@finjim.com.

After checking the documents you’ll receive an email containing the login & password to get access to your personal account.